With state-of-the-art technology, we contribute to the development of the liveable and safe city of tomorrow – from intelligent lighting solutions to data protection-compliant people flow analysis.


New solutions for proven infrastructure

How can the use and safety of public spaces be optimised? Cegelec City Solutions Austria is investigating this question and is developing innovative solutions to make the proven infrastructure in the federal, state and local authorities in Austria ready for the future.

Several pilot projects for the optimization of public spaces are currently in the test phase and will soon be implemented. In cooperation with our sister company Axians ICT Austria and the technology partner Swarm Analytics, which is also based in Austria, we bundle know-how and generate synergies for the liveable city of tomorrow.

We offer solutions for:

  • Networked lighting solutions
  • GDPR-compliant people and vehicle flow analysis
  • Intelligent sensor and analysis technology

The optimized flow of traffic and maximum personal safety are the central concerns in the implementation of these pilot projects: With our solutions, data can be collected, analyzed and evaluated in public areas. The advantage: GDPR-compliant movement analyses, innovative lighting solutions and targeted collection of environmental data, consisting of state-of-the-art sensors and innovative display technology, contribute significantly to increasing the attractiveness of public spaces.

Traffic and urban planning: camera-supported smart city analyses

The central tool is the AI-supported image data analysis software Swarm Perception Platform. This uses data from conventional IP cameras and evaluates them directly on the camera or in a data center to generate anonymous traffic flow data. Immediately after the evaluation, the software deletes the image data, so user data remains 100% GDPR-compliant.

This application is an additional building block for our Smart City solutions. In this way, we can offer customers in the public sector camera-supported smart city applications that enable clear added value for existing infrastructure.

There is still a lot of potential in Smart City applications like this one: With these interactive real-time solutions, complex traffic intersections, confusing protective routes or unmanageable cycle paths can be made safer and cities more livable in the long term.

Make cities safer and more liveable

The Swarm Perception Platform distinguishes vehicle classes such as trucks, cars and buses from cyclists and pedestrians. With the help of the software, municipalities throughout Europe analyze the utilization of their parking spaces or carry out capacity measurements in local public transport.

In addition, the usage behavior at intersections can be evaluated in order to increase the quality of life in urban areas with modified and optimized traffic routing. City planners use the data obtained to expand cycle paths.

A pedestrian crossing warning system only switches on the hazard warning lights when pedestrians are actually trying to cross the street and cars or other vehicles are approaching. This counteracts the frequent indifference to permanent warning signals. The product is already being tested by the first municipalities and will soon be on the market.