Forty years of expertise gained from energy distribution projects • Product and manufacturer-independent solutions • Customised to meet specific customer processes • Flexible working hours for night and weekend operations


Energy supply and distribution has been a focus of Cegelec City Solutions Austria for several decades. We maintain new installations as well as modifications and assume the routine maintenance and repair of systems and electrical installations.

In line with the needs of our clients, we construct distribution systems consisting of a main distribution system and several platform, ventilation or pump distribution systems. The number and dimension of the cabinets depends on the number and size of the consumer systems.

Since we have vendor independence, we are able to select the best combination of products for each and every electrical installation. As such, we can meet the customized requirements of our clients without restriction and realize them as requested.


With both energy supply and distribution, we are guided by the processes and needs of our customers. We support investment projects throughout the entire lifecycle, starting with consultation and project development through to implementation and finally, maintenance and repair. We integrate project-related customer processes into our internal procedures because this supports optimal implementation and long-term, sustainable maintenance. Upon request, Cegelec provides flexible working hours for night and weekend.


Over several decades Cegelec has accompanied the extension and renovation of a number of different sections of track in the Vienna underground. In addition to maintaining and repairing the electrical installations throughout the entire network, we were involved in the “U1” extension in the south of Vienna and are currently working on the “U4” modernisation project.

The electrical engineering equipment (e.g. the modernisation of distributors and cable runs) for stations, storage and maintenance depots or company buildings was also part of our solution.