Customized solutions for sustainable projects. Climate and environmental protection combined with the latest technology for livable places in town and country.

Sustainable technology

Sustainability, climate and environmental protection are issues that are very important to us in the development and implementation of our projects. What we are planning today should also be valuable for people and the environment in the years and decades to come. Because sustainability not only affects the quality of life, but also fair coexistence in the city, in the country and, globally speaking, on the entire planet.

Cegelec City Solutions Austria is aware of its responsibility towards society, the environment and the economy. We are constantly working to find even more effective solutions for our customers.

We offer solutions for:

  • Sustainable lighting technology
  • Integration of renewable energy such as photovoltaics
  • Planning and installation of the latest electrical engineering
  • Customized solutions for companies and public clients


Climate change brings new challenges, especially in cities. When temperatures rise, large, built-up squares in urban centers quickly become heat islands. Asphalted areas, streets and building facades that are not covered with greenery store the heat so that the city in these districts no longer cools down, even at night. The city loses quality of life and feel-good factor, the squares are avoided by the population.

Cegelec City Solutions Austria develops individually tailored projects that counteract this development. An example of this are climate-optimized feel-good zones that contribute to a better quality of life in urban areas through shading and sustainable cooling.


Climate-optimized feel-good zones in urban areas

  • Seating elements with shading from plants and with integrated spray nozzles
  • Shading by photovoltaic modules with integrated LED lighting
  • Lighting elements powered by photovoltaics

Expansion through additional services such as WLAN access points, info screens, charging stations for smartphones or e-bikes