• Safety technology for local public transport • Fire detection systems, emergency lighting, intercom systems • RAVE crowd-flow and -control system • State-of-the-art process control technology for station monitoring


The safety technology in public transportation systems needs modern solutions that adapt to and match the complex challenges and perfectly interact with each other in case of emergency. By putting into use the newest technology, the solutions of Cegelec City Solutions support the operating personnel concerning safety, availability and real-time behaviour as well as clear user interfaces.

We offer solutions for:

  • Emergency lighting
  • Fire detection systems
  • Intercom systems & access control
  • Linked monitoring & information systems
With our public transportation solutions in the field of safety technology, we meet the needs of modern transportation networks concerning the transfer of 1) large volumes of data, 2) numerous and partially complex interfaces and 3) of the connection of various monitoring and control systems.

In this field, our offer is complemented with communication equipment installations such as loudspeakers, intercom systems, access control, train destination signs and video surveillance. Cegelec City Solutions Austria has been a certified partner of SSS Siedle since 2014 and has a team of Siedle-trained intercom system experts at its disposal.

When it comes to safety in railway or underground stations, crowd flow and control also plays a key role. For this reason, together with our research partner AIT, we developed the RAVE crowd flow and control system. This ensures a fast, efficient and safe transport of commuters to major events such as concerts or sporting events. RAVE enables automatic controlling of access points and platforms, people counting, recording of train arrivals and departures and commuter information in the station.


Process control technology is particularly important for ensuring commuter safety in the public transportation system. The station monitoring systems of Cegelec represents the standard of technology in Europe and enables an immediate response to hazards.

We offer solutions for:

  • Planning & implementing station monitoring systems
  • Individual support for control rooms
  • Integration of various different systems
  • Automatic image monitoring & emergency routines

Process control technology is the most important interface between operating and monitoring personnel as well as the transportation system. In terms of station monitoring, all information and feedback from the safety technology are managed, monitored and processed via the process control technologyto be. Disruptions and hazards are reported: train emergency stops, fire detection systems, station and tunnel lighting, intercom systems and the connection and evaluation of video footage.

Cegelec City Solutions Austria is able to draw upon years of experience in process control technology and this enables it to provide your system with the optimum, customised support. We plan and realize station monitoring systems that connect all the information systems of the underground stations to each another.
Moveover, we are a long-standing, certified WinCC OA Solution Partner with specially trained personnel (Simatic WinCC OA Engineer). For more information, please visit