Safety At Work | Team | Cegelec GmbH

Our Team is our Strength.

Our strengths are the performance and potential of our employees. Our aim is to maintain, establish and extend them. We want to enjoy a high level of attractiveness as an employer, by:

  • creating and securing sustainable jobs
  • ensuring training and further qualification as a continuous investment in the future
  • ensuring diversity and equal opportunity
  • promotion of preventive management (including health promotion and occupational safety)
  • promotion of social commitment
  • appreciation, fairness and mutual trust
  • promotion of open, direct and positive communication
  • promotion of continuous learning from and with each other

  • Due to our flat and decentralized management structure every individual plays an important role, which strengthens our direct, sustainable and collegial relationships. These relationships enable trusting each other and leading an open and honest communication.

    Each employee is obliged to contribute to the achievement of quality. Therefore, we encourage our employees to act responsibly and independently.

    "O n l y    j o i n t    s u c c e s s e s    a r e    r e a l    s u c c e s s e s"